Sunday, November 30, 2014


From my last post dated 27 Apr.. it has been wad.. 7 months I stopped blogging?
lol... Shud just changed my blog title. haha... to 'Michael Learns to Stop' 

1. Stop Blogging.. 
ya.. I actually Googled "Do people still read blogs.." Apparently..from a poll..yes..people still read blogs.. but only on blogs teaching people how to do certain stuff...blogs on current issue.. hmm... 
Fact like Michael never writes any intelligent posts and no one will read it is just so saddening..haha....
well.. lol.. maybe next time I shall blog "how to cook".. "how to plant a banana tree".. "how to go dating wif urself".. or mayb on current issue like "Penguins of Madagascar".. HAHA.. or stop blogging entirely. lol.

2. Stop Facebook 
Stop stalking people so much..although I secretly wanted to be a private investigator >.<

3. Stop driving so fast 
nearly died last week in a tragic car accident and Puchong Jaya became my final destination with me leaving behind no legacy..Lol.. I knw.. I wish to die in a bed of roses..not at Puchong Jaya..LOL.. (literally la.. coz roses has thorns..not really pleasant to lie on it..xD but when u r dead..thorns or no thorns doesn't really matter anymore rite? lol)

4. Stop being such a nice & kind person
yes.. I admit I am a nice person..for now.. lol. I dunno y.. but I juz can't get angry with anyone..anything..anyhow..I can't reject people when they ask for my help.. well.. u will b glad if u r my frens now. ( u will be "Wah..Michael..u r an angel LOL) yes..I will help u wif all I could.. I will guide u to my best.. I just couldn't get myself to be a jerk n says "Fuck you" anymore.. hahaha.... although I still write it loudly in my blog. xP
yes. u might be thinking.. "serious? u r dat kind?" haha
"Hell no, I m not dat kind" I will have to deny it u knw..
coz being nice.. well..people use u like for granted.. hahaha... u feel like..what is d point of being so nice to people.. 
ya..welcome to d real world of shit. lol. no one likes a nice person.. xD
next time u ask for my help or advice.. I will say "fuck off..find another person to help u..u piece of shit"

5. Stop getting friendzoned
well.. I dunno how to stop dis.. lol.. but in a positive light, friend list
still..ya... continue to get friendzoned.. even better..getting Bro-zoned. HAHAHA...
I actually went Wikihow on "how to get d hell out from friendzone" LOL.. then within seconds, I ultimately realised (before d page loaded).. NO WONDER LA.. u get friendzoned. HAHAHA... (but I still read it anyway.)
lol. dat is wad u called.. a superb nerd. LOL.

6. Stop stopped playing music..
ya.. I stopped playing music.. but I still download music sheet of d pieces I wanted to play on piano..
I have hundred of music sheet on my pc now.. 
just..I dunno  y.. I just stopped.. haha... maybe no time?
maybe d feel is not there anymore..?
u knw.. to play good music.. u need to have dat feeling.... feeling of love.. of when u miss someone.. of nostalgia..of etc...
well.. I just dun feel anything for now. lol. i m "feel-less" hahaha... 
must find one day to play d keys dat strike chords of happiness again.

7. Stop watching Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks animation.. lol
I enjoy animations so much.. hahaha... everytime there is a new Disney or Pixar animation.. I jump with excitement and eager to watch. haha... movies like "Fast n Furious".."Hercules" .. juz doesn't attract me anymore.. haha... I like "Frozen" so muchhh... xP
oh god.. that is no good.. watching Disney doesn't look man-ly on u.. u knw dat. LOL

8. Stop eating un-healthily
yes.. I bet everyone must stop doing it. hahaha

9. Stop working to late hours..
ya.. saw a phrase online before..something like dis "everytime you ignore ur work-life balance..ignoring ur family n frens.. u must learn dat.. ur organization will find a replacement for you the moment you r gone."
harsh but true.. we are all replace-able.. but for our family.. u r their only ones. =)

10. Stop going to movies alone (...most of d time)
yes. when I tell people.. "oh. I watched dat alone".. 9 out of 10 gives me dat look o_O
well.. d reason is.. I really like watching movies alone.. I love it.. lol..
but ya.. still everytime I walked into dat theatre alone.. I do have dat sad feeling. LOL
dun get me wrong.. I really like going to movies alone. haha... I enjoy being alone..n I do not feel lonely. Hahaha... alone & lonely does not have d same meaning. lol..
(okay..I shall stop explaining.. if not.. 10 out of 10 people will all give me dat look) lol.

Hahaha... I opened my blog..wif no intention of writing anything.. but in a spur of wanting to crap something.. I came out wif so many nonsense. LOL.

okie..shud crap-off here.. not sure if anyone still opens their blog n read others blog in this era of time. hahaha...
but well.. I enjoy writing shit after sooooooo looooong... Hahaha... =D
it feels like after a looong constipation.. u go to shit every shit out. LOLOL.. omfg.. 

btw.. Interstellar is really goood..! I love every bits of it.. definitely my top favourite movie in 2014. 
I should have studied Physics as my major n got jobless for a long time like how I did with hope there is a movie on how dey did wif Interstellar.. mayb dey shud name it dat time as InterGenes. HAHAHA... okay.. super lame.... no wonder u did not become a movie director. xP

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