Sunday, November 30, 2014


From my last post dated 27 Apr.. it has been wad.. 7 months I stopped blogging?
lol... Shud just changed my blog title. haha... to 'Michael Learns to Stop' 

1. Stop Blogging.. 
ya.. I actually Googled "Do people still read blogs.." Apparently..from a poll..yes..people still read blogs.. but only on blogs teaching people how to do certain stuff...blogs on current issue.. hmm... 
Fact like Michael never writes any intelligent posts and no one will read it is just so saddening..haha....
well.. lol.. maybe next time I shall blog "how to cook".. "how to plant a banana tree".. "how to go dating wif urself".. or mayb on current issue like "Penguins of Madagascar".. HAHA.. or stop blogging entirely. lol.

2. Stop Facebook 
Stop stalking people so much..although I secretly wanted to be a private investigator >.<

3. Stop driving so fast 
nearly died last week in a tragic car accident and Puchong Jaya became my final destination with me leaving behind no legacy..Lol.. I knw.. I wish to die in a bed of roses..not at Puchong Jaya..LOL.. (literally la.. coz roses has thorns..not really pleasant to lie on it..xD but when u r dead..thorns or no thorns doesn't really matter anymore rite? lol)

4. Stop being such a nice & kind person
yes.. I admit I am a nice person..for now.. lol. I dunno y.. but I juz can't get angry with anyone..anything..anyhow..I can't reject people when they ask for my help.. well.. u will b glad if u r my frens now. ( u will be "Wah..Michael..u r an angel LOL) yes..I will help u wif all I could.. I will guide u to my best.. I just couldn't get myself to be a jerk n says "Fuck you" anymore.. hahaha.... although I still write it loudly in my blog. xP
yes. u might be thinking.. "serious? u r dat kind?" haha
"Hell no, I m not dat kind" I will have to deny it u knw..
coz being nice.. well..people use u like for granted.. hahaha... u feel like..what is d point of being so nice to people.. 
ya..welcome to d real world of shit. lol. no one likes a nice person.. xD
next time u ask for my help or advice.. I will say "fuck off..find another person to help u..u piece of shit"

5. Stop getting friendzoned
well.. I dunno how to stop dis.. lol.. but in a positive light, friend list
still..ya... continue to get friendzoned.. even better..getting Bro-zoned. HAHAHA...
I actually went Wikihow on "how to get d hell out from friendzone" LOL.. then within seconds, I ultimately realised (before d page loaded).. NO WONDER LA.. u get friendzoned. HAHAHA... (but I still read it anyway.)
lol. dat is wad u called.. a superb nerd. LOL.

6. Stop stopped playing music..
ya.. I stopped playing music.. but I still download music sheet of d pieces I wanted to play on piano..
I have hundred of music sheet on my pc now.. 
just..I dunno  y.. I just stopped.. haha... maybe no time?
maybe d feel is not there anymore..?
u knw.. to play good music.. u need to have dat feeling.... feeling of love.. of when u miss someone.. of nostalgia..of etc...
well.. I just dun feel anything for now. lol. i m "feel-less" hahaha... 
must find one day to play d keys dat strike chords of happiness again.

7. Stop watching Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks animation.. lol
I enjoy animations so much.. hahaha... everytime there is a new Disney or Pixar animation.. I jump with excitement and eager to watch. haha... movies like "Fast n Furious".."Hercules" .. juz doesn't attract me anymore.. haha... I like "Frozen" so muchhh... xP
oh god.. that is no good.. watching Disney doesn't look man-ly on u.. u knw dat. LOL

8. Stop eating un-healthily
yes.. I bet everyone must stop doing it. hahaha

9. Stop working to late hours..
ya.. saw a phrase online before..something like dis "everytime you ignore ur work-life balance..ignoring ur family n frens.. u must learn dat.. ur organization will find a replacement for you the moment you r gone."
harsh but true.. we are all replace-able.. but for our family.. u r their only ones. =)

10. Stop going to movies alone (...most of d time)
yes. when I tell people.. "oh. I watched dat alone".. 9 out of 10 gives me dat look o_O
well.. d reason is.. I really like watching movies alone.. I love it.. lol..
but ya.. still everytime I walked into dat theatre alone.. I do have dat sad feeling. LOL
dun get me wrong.. I really like going to movies alone. haha... I enjoy being alone..n I do not feel lonely. Hahaha... alone & lonely does not have d same meaning. lol..
(okay..I shall stop explaining.. if not.. 10 out of 10 people will all give me dat look) lol.

Hahaha... I opened my blog..wif no intention of writing anything.. but in a spur of wanting to crap something.. I came out wif so many nonsense. LOL.

okie..shud crap-off here.. not sure if anyone still opens their blog n read others blog in this era of time. hahaha...
but well.. I enjoy writing shit after sooooooo looooong... Hahaha... =D
it feels like after a looong constipation.. u go to shit every shit out. LOLOL.. omfg.. 

btw.. Interstellar is really goood..! I love every bits of it.. definitely my top favourite movie in 2014. 
I should have studied Physics as my major n got jobless for a long time like how I did with hope there is a movie on how dey did wif Interstellar.. mayb dey shud name it dat time as InterGenes. HAHAHA... okay.. super lame.... no wonder u did not become a movie director. xP

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last published 26 Sept 2013.
I think it must be a mistake.. lol. how could I had abandoned my blog for so long..
but well. time never lies. haha.

I noticed.. the older u get.. the less u write.. haha...
frens with blog.. few years back..they would write a long grand-mother-story of what they ate for lunch.. now.. they updated with juz two sentences..a photo + a selfie.. =.= can u believe it.
some even forgot about blogging. (dat includes me)

well.. guess.. we all have now.. more important things to do in life.. (*ahem ahem*)

I m starting to forget:
1) how to write a piece of blog that will make people laugh ( u ever wrote one.)
2) how to hold a dslr
3) how to play the piano
4) how watching movie in the theatre feels like..
5) how eating sushi wif a group of frens feels like.
6) how to read a book.
7) how sitting under a tree feels like..
8) how sitting on a rock waiting for bus while the snow falls n touches ur face feels like..
9) how to walk home late at night with a scout knife in ur pocket.
10) how to laugh heartily.

The reality is like a rapid current..once u dive will bring u with it..lost in the flow..lost in time.
unless u found something strong like a beautiful rock along the way to hold on to, muster your strength to get back on land...
stop, rest, and witness how others got sweep away.
but at the back of ur head. u know. dat current will bring you somewhere.. somewhere further..n u will have to get back in.
so, at d end. u gather enough courage n dive in again. u realize. d next pit stop. will be somewhere down d stream. u dunno where it will be..when will u find it. but u will be there. then again. u got lost in time.
Among the cold n darkness, u just need to stay strong..n the next daybreak will be here.. by then u will be able to find dat next rock. =)

I noticed. I do not often apologize. I do not know why. maybe I forgot to say dat word..or maybe I do not like abusing the value of "sorry" too often. it is kind of a heavy word.. or maybe I juz dun have my moral n integrity..
when I know where my mistake is. I will fix it.
when u point out where my mistake is..I will ask how can I fix it..n then I will fix it.
when I know I m wrong dis time. I won't repeat it next time.
u can call me arrogant..n all sort of things..
I juz dun like saying n also hearing the word "sorry"..
coz it is like an excuse to cover ur ignorance..
or just an ignorance to put in an excuse.
juz simple as dat.
I knw..a lot of  things cannot be fixed.. then for those..I will apologize.
coz remorse and shame comes from the heart..not verbally.
I guess.. dat is how I value d word "sorry"..
I do not know if dis is right n acceptable.. but well..
as I say. I m not really good in my moral.

I prefer living life by my long as it is right by the law.
haha.. if u get hurt emotionally..then well..I dun see how u got I dun really care.
coz emotion changes every single second. u can be unhappy, furious, angry  from top to toe of wad I did now. but d next day u should be fine. haha.. n yes. u should be fine coz u will knw life is too short for shit like me. LOL.

coz sometimes.. gosh.. it is juz so FARKING HARD to please everyone.. n life is juz too farking short for dat. lol.

You Live Everyday! but You Only Die Once. so Yes. Sorry. Died trying too hard to please everyone is definitely not on my list and will not be on my list. I m not a clown. hahaha.
(yes. please have a lot of respect for clowns..I mean real clowns..not the clown u use "u clown" to scold people with..coz I guess deep inside.. they have died many times to please the crowd. haha)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cicak. Tail.

saw my blog list. many of my frens has stopped blogging. LOL!
Is it time for me to quit as well..? but I enjoy writing shit here. hahaha....
guess when u get busy with living...u will have to giv up so many other things along the way. x(
I already stopped watching anime...watching drama...watching korean variety shows...even not interested in tv (only watch news everyday..sign of aging..lolol..)..d list goes on..
but one thing I still do.. reading manga. hehehehehe....
coz I want to keep dat one childish thing so I can proudly tell my grandkids next time. ur grandpa read wad u reading u knw. HAHAHAHA!!!...

no great stories to tell at d moment.
d best I could come out wif is.. I saw a cicak (lizard) today. lol..
Almost forgotten dis cute little creature ever existing on earth... coz I didn't see any cicak in Toronto for 4 years.
Cicak.. d best escape artist next to David Copperfield. hahaha...
d cicak I saw today was..TAIL-LESS.
n it reminds me of .. d one horrible event I encountered when I was 10.
Stepped on a icy cold cicak wif my bare foot. *shiver*.
it felt like u were stepping on an ice cube..except dat ice cube is slippery n it is moving.. wriggling tail..LOL.
no wonder. dey called it cold blooded. really icy cold.. zzzzz

okie..enuf of cicak story. dat was d "Great Escape of Cicak from Michael's Tyrannical Foot".
Did I mention I saw dis cute baby cicak feeding on fruit flies outside my window last week.
gee..couldn't even see its tongue n d pity fruit fly was gone. T_T
wanted to grab my dslr n take a video..then put it to slow motion n see its tongue. but too late. it was gone after I grabbed my dslr. =.= zzz
yo. enuf bro. no ones want to hear about cicak anymore. =.=

few days back. was called to write dis one page crap on..personal would u brand urself.
Out of any marvellous ideas..n d laziness to think..also due to writing it last minute.. I started writing a whole crap branding myself as an introvert..
hehehehe.... d rest u can go figure it out urself.
lol. after dat dey haven't gimme any response until nw.
hehehehe.... come on! I m juz being honest.. xP
guess an introvert is branded as a freak in today's industry dat requires more extrovert to get things done. =.=

lol.. okie. dat's all. no more stories. xD
Ciao!.. till I have more interesting shit to blog about.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I didn't know what killed my passion in I start finding them back not long ago..hahaha. 

Between the beech hardwood n spring steel..
I once lost to reality.

Doing what you love..n loving what you do.. 
is another whole new level to learn.... 
but for now. juz start doing the one thing u need to do that matters for all. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Volunteer service for 8 days...early morning out..back at night..
I do not think or feel that I m that kind-loving-generous-good-guy type of person..LOL... I m definitely not that good...
why do I still do all the hard work when there is no pay or any reward...etc.
I do not know...
I juz feel good when I think I help a little...  

also it is a good way to learn.. 忍人所不能忍,行人所不能行


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Sent two friends to d airport dis evening..they are going home...very soon..many are going home by one..we bid farewell.. n very soon too..I m saying goodbye.. n embark on another new page of life..
Mixed feelings... a little bit of sadness sinks in... 
5 years...

We come share..with many people during different stages in our life... everyone of them..more or less...will leave a footprint in our memories... 
Here..I wish them the best of the very best of everything in life...

I know it by heart... everyone of you will lead a beautiful life..a life full of colors which the most famous painter on the ten peaks will stand in awe n envy.. A color of life uniquely yours... 

till we meet again... 
then tell me your legendary life.. =)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lost in the fog

A new phase of life is approaching... 
I can feel fear slowly creeping in.
Stepping into a whole new domain...
so different than the friendly terrain.

I fear that my dreams are too high to reach... 
What are my dreams? Be useful or be rich? 
I wanted to be like Einstein...
leaving his legacy behind.
A simple equation for man...
n give every student the pain.
then I end up being with Bio-logy...
so nasty worms don't eat the veggie.
Where is my next destination?
I am still in hesitation...

Heavy fog settled in...
n that the fear seeps in.
Let my stronger heart lead...
n walk to the higher peak?
Or feel my way with feet...
n wait in the eerie mist?
Either one but none promise..
Wait..did I wear those proper shoes..?
Step in the right shoes make no woes..

LOL. a few drinks of caffeine let me write this.. (not beer...mind you
couldn't deny myself.. I am a farking genius..! 
entirely RANDOM piece.. though not a very good one. LMAO! 
still.. so proud of myself.. lol..(sorry.. have't been perasan for awhile. hahaha)
If you bo song.. ya.. I admit a 6 year old can write this too. AHAHAHA... 

damn.. I should copyright this for 50 years. LOL!! xD

Thursday, May 30, 2013

okay. haha... left my blog deserted for more than a month yet only I realized "Ya! I have a blog!" juz a moment ago.
Have a lot in mind to write.. about my 2+ weeks Europe backpacking trip (a.k.a Walk-Around-Europe) LOL... about something of something.. n about anything of everything..
but.. I couldn't find words to start d long grandfather story.
so to cut it short..

 "There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign" - Robert Louis Stevenson.

"I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them" - Mark Twain.

"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles" - Tim Cahill.

& gee.. I start to miss Barcelona and Paris already.. LOL..

and another thing.. I finished reading a book by Dan Brown "The Da Vinci Code"!
yaya.. I knew dis book was history.. hahaha..but yes Dan Brown is now on my list of favourite authors. lol. n judging from how he only published another new book in the series after so many is juz all fine I started to read Da Vinci Code.. now I dun have to wait for his new books.. LOL.. ya..kinda make sense. xD

will proudly present some of the photos I humbly taken by my amateur n unpolished photographing skills.. n of course..I think I have some hidden potentials to be a good photographer.. lol.. xP

alrite.. dats all for nw. Ciao!

People keep asking me "so what's next?"
- "To live"

Friday, April 19, 2013

Went for a movie dis week wif housemates.. lol. an animation from DreamWorks (my all time favorite animation producer other than Pixar and Disney..haha) called "The Croods"..

This movie is well beyond my expectations.. I alrd had a very high expectation after I saw the trailer last it is indeed a very awesome animation wif lots of lessons to learn. haha...if u asked me will I watch for the second time.."Yes! I WOULD!"haha.. one thing I love about animation nowadays is they never stop surprising u.. =D plus dis animation is hilarious as well.. lol.. very creative..unique n original n keeps u wondering who was the genius behind that make it n wrote the script..hahaha....

Never stop stepping out from your comfort zone and explore.. u never knw wad is out there n wad life has to offer if u dun step out for urself..

Never let fear leads u in life.. To live in fear isn't is juz not dying..
Let Hope leads u...never lost hope.. Dun live in the past.. Live in the present n fight for tomorrow.
If u fear that u will fail.. u will forever be a failure..

Never be afraid.. A little fall and stumble will keep u moving forward.. always our ultimate tool.. USE it.. unless u dun have one.. LOL..

I know old habits die hard..what keeps u succeed..lived..or survived for many years doesn't mean they will keep u like dat for the years to come.. Adaptation and change is key to excellence n survival in dis world.. =)

Never ask a dog to roll over.. lolol.. coz shit can happen..hahaha.... dun believe me? see 1:41

One thing came across my mind throughout the entire movie was "Love..Hope..Explore..and Discover.. LIVE!"

I also like how they add the little concept of evolution to d animation and also a little twist to it hahaha... since I took anthropology last summer.. was juz pure joy to see how they played wif it in in d animation.. LOL..
the Croods' character has narrow forehead n big jaw..slightly resembled the transitional ape-lie genus before the homo genus.. n they also sometimes walk on their four limbs..
n the character Guy in d movie has all the feature of a modern human.. xD
those were wad I observed..Hahahaha....
what I have to say about the production of dis animation is juz... PURE AWESOMENESS..GENIUS!

Okay. back to studying. =)
Something big is coming after exams.. WooHoo... Lol...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013